Scarlor: There will be blood

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Type: Ad&d 1st edition
Last-Update: 2014Jan29
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Scarlor: There will be blood

You are one of the Blades of Nyr, a band of talented individuals hand selected by the queen's most trusted advisor, Lady Kyrillia a powerful Harkonnian soceress.

Summoned to the border town of Southern Cross, in secret to attent a private gathering this group is dispatched to investigate suspicious activity in the Black Forest Kingdom. Therein, this new band of untried heroes clears the isle of the damned of its ancient curse, and progresses to purge an evil magic-user's ziggurat base of its inhabitants.

The test mission was a success, and the party despite its obvious conflictions managed to work as one, a distinct advantage thats been the cornerstone of its recent tawdry triumphs.

The current characters available:

Kessa of Elsmyere: This female ranger of striking looks is a formidable advesary and a highly trained combatant on the battlefield. She's skilled with the two handed scimitar, and terrifying with her two handed spear she's aptly named `Sorrowful man'. It's well known she's one of the best damned horse riders in all of the inner kingdoms. Coming from a matriarchal kingdom, she's trained from the day she could walk in the art of combat, archery, and slaughter of the black orcs of the dark elf lands.

Morga: A Nyriddian from the northern icy wastelands, this female bounty hunter has a penchant for wielding exotic weaponry against her foes, and a devilish affinity for crafting elaborate traps. Men fear her deadly wrath, and her fearsome mace-headed chainwhip able to cleave a helmed fighter's skull with frightening ease.

Valtor: an Elven `alchemist' and a occassional assassin, Valtor's cunning and intelligence has proven vital towards the party's successes, even if the others are suspicious of his methods. His flair with women and easy charisma gets him further than the entire party combined. Some suspect him of beguiling others into doing his bidding, anf they might be onto something.

Storm: this young scion of House Telemvor is a skilled strategist, who only recently deposed his corrupt uncle the city-lord Kraybor of Lor. He's since become a leader of the entire party.

Zor: a renegade drow lord who's house was decimated, he's since taken to the surface to explore its secrets. Wielding magic and blades against his enemies, he's proven to be a valued addition to the group.

Ash: a former black imperial elite assassin turned, ironically enough a cleric of the Goddess of Love and now, the group's primary healer.

Whisper: formerly a thief now a magic-user, who's been instrumental in spying and thwarting enemies.

Kaldar: a archer from the north, who trains winged assassins of the air (birds of prey) as trained falcons for the houselords of the city-states in Nyr.

Thus far, the party has been entwined in confronting enemies of the realm. Calling themselves the dark moon son's, a evil cult that venerates their patron demon Demogorgon, they spread child sacrifice, abductions, assassinations in the northlands. Plotting to stab at the heart of the inner kingdoms, the group has taken it upon themselves to eradicate their foul presence once and for all.


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