Eschaton - dark fantasy ADandD 1st Edition Campaign

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Costs: None
Frequency: Daily
Type: Fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2014Jan25
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"Eschaton" is a home-brewed AD&D (1st edition) dark fantasy campaign telling the stories of the final days of the planet Theia. Players can choose most character classes from AD&D, up to and including those in the original Unearthed Arcana book, as well as the character class "Man-Beast" presented in White Dwarf magazine. A number of the classes have been altered and magic is more limited than in standard AD&D.

The races available are: Duergar, Eternal Child (Peter Pan-like human offshoot race of humanity; basically they're eternally young and can fly), Human, Kobalin (horned goblinoids), Migoi (semi-intelligent carnivorous apes), and nihilistic (evil) Serpentfolk. The standard AD&D races used to exist, but those not mentioned above have gone extinct.

This setting could be considered to be a dark future for a more generic old school AD&D campaign world. Technology is bronze age, though rare relics from more advanced ages (i.e. steel swords) still exist. Play will be "sandbox" style, though I expect most characters will be concerned with finding some way to survive the looming apocalypse (which is possible, but will not be easy). Character mortality will probably be high.

Though I list this game as "open-ended," the campaign will inevitably reach a point where the campaign world itself is destroyed. Play after that point is possible, but only if your character(s) has found some way not to be destroyed with it.

I would liken this setting to playing AD&D in "hard mode," although it's not specifically meant to kill characters for no reason.

If this sounds interesting, but you're only familiar with later editions of D&D, please considering getting involved. They're not irreconcilably different and I'm sure we can work through that.

When/if I get 3-4 people interested I'll send you each info individually. I'm not setting my hopes too high, but if hundreds of people want to play, that's cool, too.


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