Divine right Kingdom of the realm

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Costs: free
Frequency: 2 to 7 days players option
Email: barry@netrevolution.com
URL: http://barrynet.wix.com/divineright [ dead link ]
Type: Risk style turn based strategy game pbem
Last-Update: 2014Jan11
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, historical, wargame


Divine right the game looks a lot like Risk. You have countries, which are called domains in the game. Armies in divine right can only move 1 domain per turn. Each domain can have a settlement or a mine. These produce gold for you that you use to create your armies and for upkeep costs. Settlements have a size and you receive that size per turn in gold. You can upgrade your settlements 1 size per turn. It costs the new size in gold to upgrade. Mines produce a set gold per turn. You can also build castles that help defend your domains. You have most importantly characters, especially Royal characters. All characters have a natural life span. Your goal is to establish a successful Royal dynasty. Each turn you can create a non-royal character or have a Royal birth with only your sovereign or children of a sovereign eligible to have an heir. In Divine right the game it's your sovereign's attributes that directly affects the game play.Rulership affects your fief's income. Governance affects your expenses. Leadership is a modifier to the combat dice roll of an army your commanding. Diplomacy alters how fast you can negotiate treaties with the other players.


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