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Costs: Always Free
Frequency: Ongoing, 1 Real week = 2 In game Months
Email: poweruk@weeklyexpress.org.uk
URL: http://www.powerukretro.b1.jcink.com [ dead link ]
Type: British Political Simulation
Last-Update: 2013Dec28
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, economic, rpg


Forum Name: Power:UK Forum Link: http://powerukretro.b1.jcink.com Forum Rating: Appropriate for All Ages

Forum Blurb:

We Would like to welcome you to the political simulator, ''Power UK''.

We are the leading forum based political simulator, which simulates the procedures of the United Kingdom Parliament. Here its the place where you can be a Member for Parliament and represent your voters on the House of Commons, the Press and inside your Party. You can play as a member of the Government (Conservative), as a member of the Most Loyal Opposition (Labour)... With smaller parties slowly gaining popularity, the National Front, Liberals and Social Democrats are also rising!

Why is this game different than other sims?

Keeping it simple and Fun Our goal is that this game will be simple and fun. You can see compared to many other political games, we have not that many forums. This makes it easier for new players. It also means that we kept the fun things, and got rid of boring procedures and wasted posts. Another thing we believe in is not that many rules and procedures. It is important we resemble British Politics, but we do not have to go into detail. The game should not be about how many point of orders there are, but on debate and work. We will base decisions and problems with common sense. The main rule is to respect each other and not to cheat

A Strong Community Our main goal in Power UK, is to have a great atmosphere. We hope that players and mods look forward to logging on. We want the same spirit that we all experience in sport teams and other clubs/teams. We want each member to feel liked, respected, and appreciated. This means we persuade players to understand and help each other. If someone has a problem with the game, or another player - then we hope that there will be no witch hunts, whining or complaints. We would like a more positive approach, where things are debated, and where solutions are presented. Moderators will show respect to every player and be diplomatic

Respect for everyone The problem with many online games is that there is a difference between newbies and veterans. This is not the case in Power UK. Newbies (Players that are new to the game) will be respected and given a chance to learn how to play the game. Veterans will not be given any special treatment. In other words, everyone will be treated alike.

A learning experience In other political sims, players that have made a mistake or are still learning how to play the game are often attacked and humiliated. It is worse if the player makes several mistakes. Power UK will not accept this. Life is a learning experience. Some players have a bad start but end up being very good players It is our goal that with the games "spirit", that we will help each other. We have established a mentor/advisor system, where players can get advice from their Political Party 'Secretary' to help them within the Game.

A democratic Game When you register in this game and have party permissions, you are like a shareholder for the game. You are part owner of the game, in the sense that you are the people who keep the game alive, without you - there is no game. You will never be asked to pay or donate money

Players have influence on events In other political sims, much of the action is done by the mods in the form of news, where players react. Power UK will still create news. However, our aim is that much of the action in the game is because of players actions. - There will be a special mod that does news solely on players actions in the press, and parliament. - Players now have their own press agent/spin doctor. Where they can promote themselves on the internet and other means, as well as write about their personal life. - Bills that have been passed will be reviewed for their effects and how they have succeeded - Players will have time to react to the news, and interact with mods. our main goal is to make players important, and not parties

Mods The administrator has the right to fire a mod, if he is not doing his job, or disrespectful towards other players. The Mods goal is to serve and make this game as good and fun as possible, while being diplomatic and fair with everyone. This means all PMs will be answered The Mods are only human, so we will make mistakes The mods will help players as well as we can through the information on time. Each Party will also get a mentor

Anything can happen Many games get stuck in realism. Everything has to be as real as possible. This means everything from procedures in parliament to news stories. Power UK is different. Anything can happen. We will most likely say no to invasions from ET, but we could develop scenarios that are a bit unrealistic, yet believable. These scenarios will have a build up. Scenarios are not pre-ordained. Players have a huge influence in how they develop.

We hope you will join us on PowerUK. Want a little more information? Just ask us a question as an un-registered guest at www.powerukretro.b1.jcink.com and click Guest Area.

Other Information: Mods are Evan, James, Remus, Voldemort and 007.

We can be contacted via the board in the Guest Area or via PM if registered.

Other Information:

We are currently set in 1978... With war looming overseas, a Landslide Conservative Victory under Dale Weston's Leadership, what will happen next?

Now is a better time than ever to get involved with PowerUK. 'Newbie' or 'Veteran' you will be treated equally, and look forward to seeing you soon!

(We could certainly do with some Labour players currently!)


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