XOR NFL Challenge

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Costs: none
Frequency: once every week or so
Email: NAXFL1@gmail.com
URL: http://www.iamjoeswebsite.com/NAXFL.html [ dead link ]
Type: PC football (American) simulator
Last-Update: 2013Dec26
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, modern, sports


Participants take the part of the general manager/executive coach of a football team, acquiring talent through drafts and trades, building a team that will hopefully perform well on game day. As GM you make the draft picks and set up a plan to build a roster that can get your team into the playoffs, all the while staying under the "cap". As "executive coach" you select the starting lineup and choose the options for the in game computer coach. Once the season starts your required participation is only minutes a month, answering e-mails about injury replacements, lineup or coaching changes. However, you can get more deeply into the game if you wish, studying your team's (and others') results and learning how to tweak your lineup to achieve ultimate results. Something as simple as switching a couple linebackers around may be what it takes to put your team over the top or you may have to make wholesale changes in your team's philosophy to reverse a losing streak. The trick, of course, is to figure it all out just in time to qualify for the playoffs. The number one seed has never won the championship! If you want to participate more fully there is discussion about the game and how it works, rules to formulate and discuss, etc. You are free of course to experiment as much as you like on your own and incorporate your findings into your team. The league has been continuously active since 2006.


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