Control Freak

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Costs: Free
Frequency: once a month
Type: money spending
Last-Update: 2013Sep26
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, economic, rpg, abstract


Google controls Youtube. The CIA controls CyberCom. And now you can get on in the action!

In this exciting RPG, you play the part of a wealthy businessperson trying to subtly take over the world by controlling companies that control other companies.

The problem is, there are tons of other real-life people trying to do the same thing!

Step right up to the first season of this fun game. Best of all, the whole thing is absolutely free!


This game was created by Miss Kitty Eden after seeing an advertisement in a back issue of an RPG magazine. It was for a PBM game that you had to pay for. However, it has long since gone out of date, and now Miss Eden has created a whole new version, this time free and by email!

You will be playing with actual people, and the season ends when someone controls the world!

We are pre-Season 1.

On the blog, there is full updates and rules.


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