BattleTech Mercenaries

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One per two weeks (minimum)
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: PBF and PBeM Science Fiction Warfare Fan Fiction
Last-Update: 2013Sep17
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, space, wargame, rpg, abstract


BattleTech-Mercenaries is an extremely long running group of interrelated Play by Forum and Play By e-Mail role playing games grouped into a number of fictional military units, each creating a future history in our alternate timeline of the Classic BattleTech universe.

Groups of three or more authors work together with the moderation of a veteran, tested contributor to create stories in the vein of cannon BattleTech fiction, which is fairly hard SF. No aliens, magic, or grey goo here, thanks.

Each individual 'unit' has its' own culture, feel, and posting requirements. Some are completely free-form and others use wargaming software such as MegaMek to decide battles. Two of the newer units are testing out our new Clan Unit mod.

New players are required to submit their real name and a real email address, and must demonstrate the ability to write fluently by providing character details, a general back story, and a sample of your style in the form of a sample post.

Do not worry if you have not worked in the BattleTech Universe before, the simulation's staff (better known as the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, or MRBC) maintain an exhaustive database as well as links to web-based BattleTech resources to allow you to research any aspect of the CBTU (er, Classic BattleTech Universe) before you even join up!

For those with extensive writing and BattleTech role-playing experience and a few friends, the opportunity to create your own mercenary unit exists. Please come and join us in forging a future history today!

As a personal plug, the new unit, The Irregulars is looking for new hires. Get in on the ground floor today, and you could find yourself acting in the role of a unit officer, a mechwarrior, a technician, or perhaps an exciting role as a member of traditionally overlooked roles, such as a combat correspondent, medical professional, or something new that we missed.


Played the game? You can send me comments to be placed on this page by writing But don't write me attempting to join the game -- write the GM, whose address is above.

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