USS Hawk (Bravo Fleet)

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The USS Hawk was made with the third batch of Argonaut class vessels. The USS Hawk was first commanded by Captain Jack Anders for her first shakedown cruise. During the Shakedown cruise she was attacked by some Extremists who were angry at the federation for helping the Romulans as now that the Romulans were gone they were free of them. The ships warp core went offline as did the impulse engines. The crew fought them off with the shuttles and runabouts that they had in their bay as well as what little torpedos they had. They successfully managed to get rid of the pirates and the runabouts tugged the ship along until help arrived.

When they arrived back at the starbase all the ships systems were fixed and the ship was given her first official Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Emily Wolf. The USS Hawk was assigned to Task Force 93 in Bravo Fleet.

The USS Hawk has been sent to aid the Romulan after a Disaster that wiped out the Romulan Homeworld. The Hobus star has gone hypernova, destroying the core worlds of the Empire, Romulus and Remus. Millions upon Millions have been wiped out, and now Romulus and Remus have joined together to help both people survive.

Task Force 93 has been assigned to aid in the defense of Federation/Romulan territory, now separated by the Neutral Zone that was reduced to merely 1 light year in diameter in 2386, on the chance that other powers decide to take advantage of the current situation and are to help in the re-establishment of the Romulan Senate.

The Hawk's missions will vary from relocation to defending helpless Romulan citizens who are being attacked by an Extremist Faction. If you think your up to the challenge Join us Today!

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Lieutenant Commander Emily Wolf Commanding Officer USS Hawk Bravo Fleet, Task Force 93


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