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Costs: free
Frequency: weekly
Email: [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: space opera
Last-Update: 2013Aug14
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, wargame, economic, rpg


Ever wanted to rule your own galactic empire?

Now you can! Alienations is a FREE play-by-e-mail role playing game (powered by donations) where each player is the ruler of his own alien civilization. The "sandbox" style allows players to build their civilization as they see fit.

Are you tired of computer games that limit your choices to the few provided by the program? Are you frustrated by having to conform your choices to the programmer's ideas? Of being unable to actually change or alter the game environment in any significant way?

In Alienations a human Game Master means the game adapts to YOU.

Send out your own custom-designed starships to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, and kick their ass. Explore a galaxy filled with wonders and enigmas where what YOU do changes the game.

Name your own worlds and colonies.

Overcome challenges and create your own individualized storyline.

Conquer and rule an empire!

Develop a civilization from a single home world to a galaxy-spanning empire.

Design, produce and deploy your own classes of spacecraft with research technology customized to YOU. Direct research into any project you desire.

Negotiate trade pacts and cultural exchanges with alien races.

Discover the mystery behind the ancient Precursors and their relics.

Track your progress on the gazeteeer using full-color maps.

Read about YOUR exploits in the weekly newsletter!

The game accommodates busy players by enabling them to spend whatever time they like during the week conducting diplomacy with the other players via e-mail and determining their budget and orders, as long as they are finalized and submitted anytime before the weekly turn deadline. You devote to the game exactly as much or as little time as you choose.

A human Game Master means completely customized options. Players can allocate their production to projects of their own choosing, and forge a customized military with spacecraft and weapons of their own design. The possibilities for economic growth, conquest, colonization, exploration, and research are endless.

Set in a science-fiction galaxy "a long time ago and far, far away," Alienations allows players to develop their worlds as they see fit, accommodating any ideology or style of play. The game only ends if one player manages to conquer the galaxy. What could YOU accomplish if you ruled an entire world?

The basic rules are FREE and available for download on-line at Just click on the link to Alienations and look for The Player's Handbook. They're organized as an extended series of FAQ questions to make reference easier for new players.

ĚThe rules are easy to follow with a human Game Master to allow options customized to YOU. Each turn you are sent a customized turn packet. Simply fill it out with your orders for the turn. Then return it to the GM by the deadline. The short Player's Handbook on-line gives complete instructions.

Players can join the Google game discussion group to exchange greetings, announcements, bluster, etc. But please avoid profanity and keep the discussion civil.

Players can make any sort of deals with other civilizations as a real leader could make: non-aggression treaties, trade pacts, foreign aid, military aid, diplomacy, warfare - whatever you desire. Whether you keep your agreements is entirely up to you. Just remember that what goes around comes around and usually picks up some speed along the way.

Your empire is waiting! Or Federation or Republic or whatever you want to run. Whether you want a socialist utopia, a free-market paradise or a militaristic dystopia, if you can conceive it, you can try it in Alienations.

Sign up today!

To get into the game, just send an e-mail message to the Game Master at Give him a short description of the alien civilization you want to play and you can start immediately. Your starting position will be based on that description, which can be as detailed (or not) as you like.


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