The Other Side

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Type: Adult Horror Game
Last-Update: 2013Jun21
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg, abstract


Most people only know about our world. The normal, sane, rational world. It is a world of cars, of planes, mobile phones, the internet. It is ever-growing, fast-paced, dynamic. A world teaming with life, teaming with souls.

Then there is the other side. A world that exists beyond the veil that we call reality. On the other side sanity has no refuge. The laws of our world do not apply.

Things inhabit this world. Things that crave and lust after the souls of those that inhabit our world. Things that would do anything to break the veil and cross over into our world. They cannot do this alone, they need human servants to break the veil for them, to cause a rip in the fabric of our reality. A rip that then enlightened term a 'breach'.

The Other side is a roleplaying game of my own creation that I intend to run with a group of four other players and a co-gm on Creative Freedom. I will be using the site listed above as a support for the game itself and hopefully as a recruitment platform to draw up interest.


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