USS Persephone

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Costs: Free
Frequency: At least once per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2013Jun04
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


Tired of everyone wanting a promotion? Players that put more emphasis on rank and position than the characters they're playing? Interested in something that's a little less "Best of Both Worlds" and more of "Lower Decks"?

The USS Persephone, a play-by-forum simm in Obsidian Fleet Task Force 72, is the place to come. A Wallace class ship, never too far from her home Starbase, is the 24th century equivalent of a PT boat. One or two lone officers among a dozen enlisted and NCOs. A dysfunctional family of personnel assigned to the small cramped quarters, patrolling the Typhoid Expanse and trying hard to stay out of trouble.

Commanded by the young Lieutenant JG V'Rasmus, the Persephone is actually run by the more experienced NCOs under him. After a previously OIC and a mission that ended with the Persephone disabled, some think the ship is bad luck to anyone who boards it. It's up to us to keep that from being true.

Currently looking for: * Communications Specialist - Petty Officer 1st class through Petty Officer 3rd - Do you speak Klingon? * Corpsman - Petty Officer 1st class through Petty Officer 3rd - DOC UP! * Warp Specialist - Petty Officer 1st class through Petty Officer 3rd - Make it go * Damage Control Specialist - Petty Officer 1st class through Petty Officer 3rd - Really a misnomer, more like the "fix everything" specialist * Engineering crewman - Up to Petty Officer 3rd - Hey, everyone's got to start somewhere * Master-at-Arms - Up to Petty Officer 1st - Has the big guns.

Apply at Archives at Obsidian Fleet Task Force 72 - Task Group C


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