USS Sphinx

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Frequency: One Per Week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek, Mystery, Space Opera
Last-Update: 2013May27
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


Myths and whispers, they are the foundations of any society. Myths of Gods gone mad and demons running a rage... Battles of frightening heros struggling against epic foes; these are the things which drive minds and imaginations of entire peoples alike. But what if they where true? What if you could walk amongst your most wonderous fantasy... Or forced to be chased by most terrifying nightmare... On the ship of blood and dreams, where nightmares become realities, and realities become nothing but dreams, anything can happen, on the ship which must battle the stars themselves.

Welcome to Pegasus Fleet's pit of blood and magic...Welcome, to the Starship Sphinx.

Based in the prime reality, set after the destruction of Romulus, the USS Sphinx is an older Centaur Class starship with a history of people disappearing without a trace. Legend says that she is cursed, for she has lost every crew which has ever manned her to pestilence, and insanity. Now her latest captain - a man whom is said to doom every ship he sets foot on - has taken up her wheel and is preparing to set off into regions unknown to solve ancient riddles. Who will join him, and discover the dark mysteries which have claimed so many lives?

Will you survive, or will you also be claimed by the ship of the rogue Gods?

Who shall join the captain, and discover their own fate?

We are currently seeking players to fill the following positions:
 First Officer Chief Engineer Chief Medical Officer Chief Science Offiver Chief Operations Officer

And many, MANY more!


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