CARD-AT, USS Telesto

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Type: Star Trek PBEM
Last-Update: 2013Apr21
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The year is 2389...

Two years after the Hobus Event crippled the Romulan Star Empire. With one major power disrupted, the Klingons are becoming more aggressive, taking advantage of the situation to annex former Romulan worlds. Tensions are mounting between the Federation and Klingons, especially with remaining Romulan factions petitioning the Federation for aid. One particular hotbed is the Khitomer region, near where the Romulan and Klingon borders once met. To ensure Federation interests are maintained, specialized teams are needed in the region. Capital ships aren't feasible as rapid-strike covert operations would be the norm.

Starfleet's Covert Actions Reconnaissance Division is tasked to maintain Federation intersts in the area. Alpha Team is activated at Starbase 24 under the direction of Rear Admiral Mek'tor. The Klingon flag officer has unique knowledge and experience vital to supporting the CARD mission in and near Klingon-claimed space. He hand-picked the command team leading CARD-AT.


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