U.S.S. Ramses, NCC 82411

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Costs: Freeeeeee
Frequency: One every two weeks minimum
Email: gye_nyame@rocketmail.com
URL: http://www.ramses.akiyaone.com [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek Universe/Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2013Feb21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


The L114-A star system has been obliterated. The last known recordings of the system show a creature with a singular goldenrod maw devouring planet by planet, moon by moon of the system. History has documented this being as the "Doomsday Machine."

Join Commander Neferu Aten and the crew of the Ramses as they embark on a mission to the Kaleb system to investigate the disappearance of a Starfleet vessel and a distress from a Federation Outpost; all while dealing with the possibility of running into the dreaded "planet killer." Aten and crew will soon learn that some things return!

This is a great time to come aboard the simulation if want to be on an away team as this mission has two! Each team will need specific crewmembers to be successful.

Available and needed positions include:

Chief Flight Control Officer - strategic and fancy flying will be required.

Chief Operations Officer - power efficiency of the Ramses and other vessels must be handled.

Chief Engineering Officer - warp cores and matter/antimatter will play a vital role.

Chief Medical Officer - the health and well being of many people will be at stake.

Chief Intelligence Officer - there is always confidential information to be share or protected.

Marine Commanding Officer - added defense will be very appreciated.

This is a unique starship that is smaller in stature but enormous in spirit. With a crew compliment of 103 personnel, every person must perform their job admirably and under tight knit circumstances. This is a NOVA based simulation that prides itself on quality writing and truly expressing oneself through the character that one writes for. The Ramses aims to use the Star Trek universe as an instrument to describe metaphors of real-world situations and stories and a love of science fiction.

Come along for the adventure aboard the Ramses at http://www.ramses.akiyaone.com


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