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Costs: Free
Frequency: Every day
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2012Dec05
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


The Lands of Bavidirian is waiting for creative adventurers that want more then just the hack and slash and reap the reward adventures. In these lands one can choose 1 of the 9 type of characters and start living a life to your preference. Yes one can be an adventurer and seek riches beyond imagination or one can start an apprenticeship and eventually own businesses that earn you gold pieces to afford to buy buildings to rent out also! One can also work at the magistrate and become a lord's advisor, protector, tax collector, or the lord of a town if desired. Perhaps a simple life as a farmer or a hermit that has a vast knowledge in herbalism would be your calling.

This game has over 4000 events with 12,000 results that could last you many years to enjoy. Enter this world and keep up with a journal of your adventurer to earn additional experience points and eventually have a first draft novel written! This game is like no other as you will go one on one with a DM that has worked on this game for over 10 years so you can enjoy it each and every day for a few minutes.

Here are other benefits when joining.

1. You don't have to be on a certain time, day, or week to play the game. 2. You don't have to report to a group when playing this game. 3. You don't have to roll dice for the events. It is done for you! 4. You don't have to update your character sheet. It is done for you! 5. You only need to make decisions for your selected adventurer and make sure he can survive the lands each day. 6. Enjoy a rich backstory as of statistics on which roleplayer has the most gold pieces or experience points. 7. The game is free and always will be. 8. The game is hosted by a DM that will provide you up to 10 guidebooks to use when traveling the lands. 9. Enjoy land and town maps showing where your adventurer is located at all times. 10. The game is more then a hack and slash game (you can also do this if you desire). Become a vigilant, prince, lord, farmer, baker,merchant, mercenary, and 52 other titles during gameplay.

You don't have to spend hours creating a character sheet. The game has pre-made character sheets done for you.

Here are your choices:

Halfling Rogue Gnome Necromancer Dark Elf Assassin Half Elf Ranger Wood Elf Druid High Elf Mage Dwarven Warrior Kort (Human) Barbarian Bavidirian (Human) Cleric

After your adventurer reaches 5th level he can choose a sub-class such as Swashbuckler, Shade, Pirate (own a frigate!), Dragonrider(receive a dragon egg to care for), Knight, Paladin (Join a holy order), Bard, Amazonian, Forest Guardian, and much more!

In this game one can marry and have children of which when they grow older earn gold pieces for you. They can also cost you gold pieces also when growing up! Divorces can happen and odd events such as turning into a vampire, zombie, werewolf, or even a demon in which you have to eat hearts from other creatures to stay looking like one of the inhabitants of the lands.

There are curses, diseases, sicknesses, and poison to watch out for. There are finance blunders, lottery drawings, gambling possibilities,as of over 600 town events to experience.

Be the first to support a new game in the market that could have endless potential with your interest in participating in a world you can relate to! Enter the Lands of Bavidirian!

The game officially starts right after New Years but join the site now as the DM only takes limited amount of players. Also join to receive a Player's Guide Introduction and a free 500 page Novel on the most unlikely heroes to save the Lands of Bavidirian from the Demon Hordes of Morashitar!

Yours truly,

GD (John)


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