New Hope

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Costs: free
Frequency: once per week.
Type: Home Brew Fantasy
Last-Update: 2012Nov23
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


You are on your knees in front of the Adminstrator for treason to the Kingdom of Trisval. You are bound and gagged, stripped of all clothing except a rough wool long shirt that falls knee length. For your crimes against the King and his fifedom you are hereby decreed to be hung from a rope untill you are dead!! STOP!! you hear as King Wilhelm steps forward. Adminstrator hold your words. I decide what to do with them, not the courts! But my King, they have betrayed the Kingdom and most importantly you too my Lord and protector! King Wilhelm steps down from the throne and eyes his adminstrator. With steel in his voice he says, I said hold your words! The adminstrator kneels down and bows his head. As you say my King. Concerning your sentence, i have made some considerations on behalf of what you have done for this land and your King. I believe you did what you thought was right, but the way in which you went about it was a wrong move. The King looks at you for a minute and a sad smile crosses his features. By my right as King I hearby banish you to a new and unexplored world. You are to be transported there by Magic. There is no hope of returning here, and your survival depends solely on your own actions and your friends. I regret there is no other action to save your lives than what i can do now. Even though it was the only way to stop this evil that plagued my lands, i had hope there was another outcome to stop the madness. Now i must go and bury my only son. Good luck to you and your friends. With that said a elderly man steps forward, he signals another behind you to approach, you hear the sound of equipment hitting the flagstone you kneel upon. The other then cuts your hands free but leaves your legs and feet tied tight. Rasloft the great gestures over your bodies says a few arcane words and you are enveloped in a fog. An evil smile crosses the face of the wizard Rasloft is the last thing you see as you pass out, to only awaken what you assume is hours later in a small clearing of a forested area and some gear nearby.

This is what i want from you Up to 8 people to run this adventure. i want 8 people as backups ready to play. No Multiclasses allowed. Pick one and stick with it. No evil classes allowed, you must all work together to survive. You can email/phone ect. to discuss the game, i will post your email to all players. I expect a full back ground on your characters, so write well, those that don't will not be allowed to play. I expect a decent move/action written by you about your character per turn. not just ( I swing my axe. Did i hit it?) Expect to die. When you do, most likely you will be replace by a backup/lurker. When you are accepted into the game, i will email you the details of the equipment that came with you plus your character lvl. Your character sheet should contain the following, History, Class, Lvl, stats and spells if any. i expect that to be emailed to me in private. Backups make sure you are ready to play as i expect the same from you already available to me.


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