War to Glory

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One per day
Email: war_to_glory@yahoo.com
URL: http://wartoglory.b1.jcink.com/ [ dead link ]
Type: Historical Wargame
Last-Update: 2012Nov07
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, historical, wargame, rpg


In 1929, the American Stock Exchange collapsed, and caused an economic depression. America called in all its foreign loans, which destroyed Weimar Germany. Unemployment in Germany rose to 6 million. In July 1930 Chancellor Brüning cut government expenditure, wages and unemployment pay, which was the worst thing to do in a depression. He could not get the Reichstag to agree to his actions, so President Hindenburg used Article 48 to pass the measures by decree. Many middle-class people, alarmed by the obvious failure of democracy turn to the Nazi Party in support. By July 1932, the Nazis held 230 seats in parliament and were the largest party. In January 1933, Hindenburg and Papen came up with a plan to get the Nazis on their side to make Hitler vice chancellor. He refused and demanded to be made chancellor. They agreed, thinking they could control him. Hitler became the chancellor in January 1933, and immediately asserted himself as the absolute ruler of Germany using Article 48. Goebbel's propaganda campaign was very effective and won support for the Nazis all across Germany. The German people were still angry about the Treaty of Versailles and supported Hitler's promises that he would overturn it. The world stands on the brink of World War 2, with the Nazis' rise to power in Germany. As a leader of your people, will you side with the Axis, Allies or remain Neutral? Eight playable nations are available, USA, Soviet Union, Britain, France, Republic of China, Germany, Italy and Japan. Welcome to War to Glory.


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