Enlisted Sim - USS Persephone

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Frequency: once a week
Email: co@treksim.com
URL: http://treksim.com [ dead link ]
Type: star trek
Last-Update: 2012Oct12
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


Picture if you will, a tiny ship with two and a bit decks. It has two bunkrooms shared by the entire crew, with just one bathroom, and a common room that also serves as a transporter room, galley and triage area. There are no corridors, holodecks, turbolifts or even fancy carpets! And worst of all? There is nowhere you can go to be alone. . .

Not all of us signed up to Persephone by choice, so why would you? We aren't the polished, polite beings that get to meet the famous Ambassador or the heroic Captain. No, we're the ones stuck in the muck, sometimes with blood on our hands and sometimes with not yet reclimated matter to slog through.

Who are we? We are the almighty Enlisted!

If you have the guts to write a real character, one that isn't a handsome, know-it-all officer, then come join us.

This sim isn't for the weak or lazy--unless those are the chosen traits of your character--it's for the strong, creative and interactive writer.


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