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Costs: free
Frequency: 3 times per week
Type: fantasy
Last-Update: 2012Sep26
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Looking for players for my Play by Email game. I am a veteran at various roleplaying games, but I've only once run a campaign before, and never by email, so until I can get my act together, please bear with me. However, I'm anxious to learn, and I've created a whole world for the players to adventure in. Some of it has been borrowed (read: ripped off) from other settings, like the Cult of the Dragon Below or the Church of the Silver Flame (though everything has been heavily modified since, and apart from the name, is probably entirely unrecognizable).

We will be playing by D&D 3.5 rules, since they are the ones I know best, and I do not own any of the 4e books.

I have a several adventures and rudimentary plots ready for the players, but for maximum immersion I want to craft the campaign around the characters and their own stories, so before I can say much about the nature of the campaign, I need to know what the characters are like, what motivates them and what goals they have.

Initially, the characters will start at 5th level. All types of characters are allowed, though if it is something unorthodox (like a monster character or cohort, or a nonstandard class) please query before putting your pen down.

The game is rated NC-17 because, though it is non-pornographic, it may contain adult content (though that will not be the focus of the game).

For any questions, contact the DM by email (anne.pbem[ät]


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