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Costs: Free
Frequency: one per week officially
Type: Modern Crime
Last-Update: 2012Sep19
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, modern, rpg


Ganglands: Old School Play By E-Mail/PM Gaming

So what the heck is this anyway?

Well, for those who have not enjoyed PBEM Gaming before, here's a blast from the past: a competitive game for a large number of players handled completely via e-mail. The turns are sent out via e-mail, and the results are returned the same way, with a summary page for each individual player and a Ganglands Blog updated at least weekly.

But why you ask? Why not get on your WoW account or play Angry Birds for yet another hour? Well, you already know the ins and outs there, don't you? Why not try something new? And not just anything new, a chance to wreak havoc on the infamous Inland Empire as the leader of your own street-gang! Burn down the high school? Carjack that arrogant SOB that cut you off? Absolutely! All without the risk of really getting into trouble. And when mugging civilians wears thin, there are 20 other players, some of them may be your friends, who you can humble with your superior thug-life ability! How can you resist?

Sure there are higher-tech versions of this game on-line, but who wants to fight their way through spam and ads? Or worse (shudder) actually pay for it? Everything in this game is free and researched in great depth for a realistic, if malevolent, feel. Smack-talking your fellow players is not only permitted, but may actually net you nice in-game rewards!

So how can you resist? Well, if you decide not to participate please forward this to someone else (or three) who might be interested, someone made of a bit tougher stuff than you are! If you are interested then still forward this to someone you want to stomp under your leather boot!

But I don't have time, you say? This game has a minimum participation of one e-mail a week. That's it, one e-mail a week! Now all you doctors, lawyers, and senators out there surely have enough time for that, don't you? If you choose to add more details then more power to you. Multiple e-mails will happily be taken into consideration, though your gang members can only take one major action each week.

E-mail? Who still uses e-mail? Well, e-mail is necessary for your introductory rules and for the weekly results posting. If you don't have an e-mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail all have free accounts, very easy to set up.

Sold? Of course you are; who wouldn't be? Please respond with a quick e-mail from the address you want to be sent the introductory rules. The first person (by e-mail time and date) to respond gets 5 extra gang build points. Also the first person to respond who did not respond in the initial e-mail (a player referral) will get 5 extra build points for themselves and the one that referred them (please have them mention in response e-mail). Thanks! Looking forward to the responses.


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Greg Lindahl