Hyborian Tales

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Costs: There is no fee.
Frequency: Every 3 days
Email: hyboriantales@live.com
Type: Fantasy role playing in Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age
Last-Update: 2012Aug29
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Know, O Prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the sons of Aryas there was an age undreamed of when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. Nemedia, Ophir, Brythunia, Hyperborea, Zamora with its dark-haired women and towers of spider-haunted mystery, Zingara with its chivalry, Koth that bordered on the pastoral lands of Shem, Stygia with its shadow-guarded tombs, Hyrkania whose riders wore steel and silk and gold. But the proudest kingdom in the world was Aquilonia, reigning supreme in the dreaming west...

We invite you to adventure in the Hyborian Age around the time of Conan. We aim to recreate the atmosphere of Robert E Howard's finest tales, and maybe weave a swords and sorcery saga of our own.

We use a D&D variant system, multi-classed characters and lots of imagination. Character generation is very simple, and is based on the six D&D Prime Requisites plus a bit of collaboration with the GM when it comes to background and starting equipment. In keeping with the stories of REH its a fighter and thief based campaign with relatively little magic use on a day to day basis.

Its easy to lose momentum in a PBeM game, so we like to process a turn every 3 days. If we can, and time zones permitting, we process combat sequences in real time using Windows Messenger.

Email us if you'd like to participate.


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