The Collective Isles

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Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2012Aug20
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, space, rpg


No world stands on its own. In this collection of planes, where do you stand?

Bound together by the White Void, the worlds comprising the Collective Isles share a common destiny. Beasts from within the void consume heaps of the precious portal-birthing crystal pristinium each day, bringing the Isles closer to a future of complete isolation - assuming anyone survives the beasts' rampage. To preserve life, the worlds of the Collective Isles must overcome their differences to face a mutual threat whose true face lies veiled beyond the void's light.

* * *

The Collective Isles is set in a multiverse of connected worlds constructed by the players themselves. Join an existing world or compose your own!

This is a fantasy-themed, forum-based, play-by-post roleplaying game with a flexible system of skills and character attributes. No need to get bogged down in dice rolling or calculating damage; the system is flexible in its interpretation. Mutual agreement between roleplay partners is usually preferred over staff mandates.

We welcome all levels of roleplaying expertise - whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned veteran of the mystic realms. Content is PG-13 by default, but R-rated themes are permitted with due warning.

As characters develop, they acquire diverse skills like acrobatics, elemental magic, and weapon mastery - just to name a few. We do not impose a class system; any character can learn any skill. For that matter, characters continue to advance as long as they participate and exercise their abilities. You'll never hit a level ceiling. The sky's no longer a limit.

Our malleable magic system enables players to create unique spells (given the necessary element manipulation skills, of course). As the character's experience in magic accumulates, these can become more complex, beautiful, and deadly.

At the Collective Isles, we strive to keep roleplaying fun for all. The door's always open for a player's ideas; suggestions are taken to heart.

* * *

Have we captured your interest? Then check out our forum at:

If you're familiar with IRC, stop by our channel and say hello!

Server Address: Channel: #collectiveisles


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