A Shadow of Hope

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Costs: free
Email: darkness.roars@gmail.com
Frequency: daily
Type: Dark Sun 3.5e Campaign
Last-Update: 2012Jun28
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


I will be starting a Dark Sun 3.5e campaign soon. It will be a play by forum game using the 3.5 rules conversion. Please note this will NOT be a 4e game.

I currently have 3 players (1 of whom is familiar with the Dark Sun setting, the other two are reading about it now) and would like another person or 2 to join the adventure.

From playing with these people in the past in similar forum games, they tend to post fairly frequently and its not uncommon to have several posts in one day. I would be looking for a few active players to share the story.

If you are interested, email darkness.roars@gmail.com



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