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URL: http://www.woldiangames.com [ dead link ]
Type: Pathfinder, D20, DnD
Last-Update: 2012Jun13
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Greetings Gamers!

Woldiangames.com is excited to announce that we are starting a new ongoing games in our campaign world/gaming community! This is a 1-20lvl campaign game, using the Pathfinder rules, is named Cthonia.Cthonia is a sheltered and mostly unexplored land of jungle that is mostly avoided as "too dangerous for civilized folks". Savannahs surround the jungle providing stomping grounds for the larger of the multitudes of dinosaurs that inhabit the region, known to the natives of the area as the The Thunder Gods. With the trade between points west and east graowing, there is a great need for "Monster Road" to become a safer trading route as several recent tragedies attest. This is drawing all manner of explorer, great beast hunter, and trailblazer into the area. Can a young group of adventurer's make a difference? Will thebe the ones to unlock the mysteries of Cthonia? ONly time and adventure will tell!

To see Campaign material for Cthonia Go to http://www.woldiangames.com/woldipedia/index.php/Cthonia

To see legends and geography info for other regions of the Wold go here: http://www.woldiangames.com/woldipedia/index.php/main page

The see the main website, http://www.woldiangames.com

The Wold is here to stay! We are not one of those games or sites that will disappear just as you are getting interested in the game and your character. So if you've been looking for that quality game that doesn't go away, we're your site!!!

The Wold is an Original Campaign World, currently using the Pathfinder game system. Orginating in the early 1980's, it went online in 1997. It has evolved into a very large website with several hundred pages of campaign information.

We currently offer 10 permanent ongoing games and many other pickup games for those members who want more adventure! There are a surprising number of women playing with us. Our Play by Post style occurs on our self-made java programmed message boards with their own dice mechanisms, and auto-archiving features. We offer a message Board called the Giggling Ghost where our gamers can chat "in character" and head out for various "pick-up adventures. There are alos a series of private boards taht allows the players to talk and discuss just about anything in an "out of character format". These boards helps us create that all important sense of community and friendship which is a part of any good gaming group. Also added is a board called The Catacombs where all character shopping occurs and The Black Genie Center where all Woldians may go to help develop new orginal things for ourcampaign world...

To Visit the Games Page to check out other ongoing games http://www.woldiangames.com/games index career.htm

Please contact me if you are interested in joining this new game or if you have any questions. I'll be GLAD to help!

Just tell them Marty H. Sent you :)

Thanks for your consideration, Jerry Phelps, Marty H. and Zach R.


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