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Welcome to Alpha Fleet. If your reading this message you have begun your journey into a fleet which truly has it's own unique set of Canon. Currently in 2387 AF has decided to take the Destruction of Romulus as Canon. With that however bring the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to the brink.

Seizing the chance the Klingons have pushed into Romulan territory taking 5 major systems. The Remaining Romulan fleet, being antagonized by the Cardassians are holding the line however rumors spread of a counter attack which could lead to all out war. Dancing around this Starfleet ships try to aid as many planets caught up in the disaster as possible, lending aid and vessels to the Romulans.

Below the Klingon Empire a new threat rises. Two small empires, hungry for territory and blood, start their own campaign. An alliance between the Gorn and Tholian Assembly sees these two powers raiding and attacking into Federation and Klingon territory in hopes that they can claim some for themselves before their enemies solve the situation on the Romulan front. The two races have already successfully claimed a few systems from each side.

And finally, not to be undone, powers in the Delta Quadrant begin to stir. With the recent destruction of the Iconian gateway between the DQ and Starfleet territory, a wormhole has formed re-linking the two. Suspicions are high as crews begin to uncover evidence of Section 31 and Species 8472 activity. Could the presence of one of the most dangerous races, one whom the Borg themselves fear, be the reason for Section 31's recent attempts at ousting Starfleet from the area? It might certainly explain this. Again showing their faces on the frontier there is evidence that the Borg have their eyes set on the Federation once more. Their reasons remain a mystery still, but who knows what they have in store for us. Add to this the added pressure of native races getting jealous and annoyed at Starfleets expanding presence and you have another powder keg waiting to blow.

2387 is a time of new borders and new challenges for Starfleet. Where will your crew go? And what Chapters of Alpha Fleets history will you write. The choice is yours.

Join us today, and have your stories accepted into Fleet Canon, So that others may visit and explore your races, follow up on your stories and join this Experienced Roleplaying Community.

alpha-fleet. com Recruitment Video: com/watch? v=ya3PcNHgtjU& feature=plcp


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