Harrison County Government Sim Game

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Costs: FREE
Frequency: there are not turns
Email: paulamarieclarke@aim.com
URL: http://harrisoncountysim.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=idx [ dead link ]
Type: Government, Sim, Online
Last-Update: 2012Jun06
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, modern, historical, economic, rpg



Harrison County is a county located in north central West Virginia. The county in real life consists of 10 municipalities and numerous other census-designated places and unincorporated communities. In-game, the city will consist of 5 towns or villages. Clarksburg and Bridgeport are player-ran and the other 3 (Salem, Shinnston, and Lost Creek) will be Admin-ran. Each city consists of a Mayor, Vice Mayor, and 5 City Council Officials. All of these officials serve four year terms.

Clarksburg is in the very center of the county. It has been the county seat for many generations. At one time, the city consisted of 32,000 citizens and was the hustling and bustling metro area of West Virginia. It once had a downtown that was desired by every eastern city in America. Today, the city consists of just over 400 citizens, all of which live on the site of the former downtown. The once famous Waldo Hotel is now gone as it was set to fire recently and the city is in serious debt. Clarksburg is the site of the County School, County Courthouse, County Fire Department, County Police Station, and County Clinic (Hospital). Various other cities have threatened to take that away though.

Bridgeport, the chief rival of Clarksburg, was once a tag along to Clarksburg. As Clarksburg grew, Bridgeport did as well. Unfortunately as Clarksburg died, so did Bridgeport. Today, about 100 people live in Bridgeport. The small village consists of hardly anything and is struggling with a budget at 0.

Neither city owns their own Water Board, Power Company, or Trash Company. The County funds all of them for a fee to the cities. You can find their budgets somewhere within their Council Areas.


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