Sabre Base

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Costs: Free
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2012May29
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A beacon in the night grows ever brighter now that they are here. They have been charged with the duty of bringing peace back to the Federation and her member worlds. They have been charged with the task of ending the war. They stand along our borders and prevent the evil from crossing. They are the ones that guard us and our families.

They are the proud members of Omega Fleet Online. In this time of war, this Fleet was assembled to stand against the darkness and to end the troubling times that have claimed the lives of so many.

Every journey starts with a single step. That is how Omega Fleet Online is starting now, with single step. We are a new fleet. But we are led by our strength and our determination. We will strive and we will survive and we will not yeild until we reach our destination.

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Ships Divided by Task Forces

Task Force Judgement (COMMAND) Sabre Base, General Booth USS Expanse, Rear Admiral Danny Maddox

TF Wrath (2386) SB 808, Commodore Jasmin Marie-Bonaparte Wraith Squadron, Commander Loran Kell USS Freedom, Lt commander James Kilran

Ships in need of Commanding Officers USS Norwood, VACANT USS Spectre, VACANT

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