Star Trek - Bravo Fleet - USS Adelaide

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It is the year 2387. Over a decade has passed since the end of the Dominion War. A new era of peace ushered in to the Alpha Quadrant with the signing of the Federation/Dominion treaty with worlds and systems re-establishing trade routes lost to the war and the Federation returning to a voyage of discovery.

Through a decade of peace, some houses of the Klingon Empire are growing restless and have spoken out against Chancellor Martok, actively demanding that the Empire enter a conflict with their closest neighbour, the Federation. Martok is making every attempt to preserve peace between the two factions but peace still does not sit well with some houses.

With concerns growing over the safety of its borders, Starfleet has dispatched the newly commissioned USS Adelaide to the Klingon border, charged with safeguarding the peace obtained with the Khitomer Accords.


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