Nameless D and D campaign

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Frequency: 2-3 times a week
Type: midievil, fantasy, role-playing
Last-Update: 2012Apr08
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


I'm wanting to try to host a quest at least. This the beta test with one quest. If it gets going, I will continue the world. I have been a gm for so long, it's second nature to me.

I would also like to set up chat gaming, as well as a blog for all players to read. Should be good fun

It is based on current editions of D&D but has some of my own tweaking.

All players start as level one nothings. No special skills yet, bare minimum armor and weapons (1d6) max. But in time only your imagination is the limit.

Classes available:

1 Ranger 2 Assassin 3 Warrior 4 Fighter-mage 5 Rogue 6 Cleric

If these don't appeal to you throw me an idea. You may choose your own race, as long as approved. I require a complete character sheet, complete with background to add to the story. I am going for 2-3 logins per week.

Start today. When I have enough/proper players the game will begin!


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