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Costs: free as Commoner; 1.5 GB pounds as Royalty
Email: gm@agegames.co.uk
Frequency: one per week
URL: http://lords-of-conquest.com/dragon [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy wargame
Last-Update: 2012Mar27
Keywords: free, email, www, computer, fantasy, wargame, gui, economic, closed-ended


Welcome to Kharne, a world modelled after Lord of the Rings and Warhammer: battle-torn and populated by numerous races, as well as dread, and sometimes dead, creatures of legend. Here you may take the throne of one of a number of land-hungry realms, in the quest for empire.

Send forth thy regiments and fleets, thy commanders and beast-allies to conquer provinces and carve out a mighty dominion. In time, you may be proclaimed as a dragonlord of the land, and win glory everlasting. Dragonlords is a giant play-by-email boardgame, with 24 players from all over the world. Players are now being accepted for new games, so prepare thyself, for the dragons shall soon be unleashed!

To view your realm and issue orders, you use the Diploware, which is a software program you download from the website.

There is also an option to make a donation to the G.M., which brings Royalty status and a few additional perquisites. This is completely optional though, and is explained in the Rulebook.


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