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Costs: 5 GB pounds/turn
Frequency: one per two weeks
Email: agema@hotmail.co.uk [ok]
URL: http://www.agema.org.uk [ dead link ]
Type: WW1 air combat wargame
Last-Update: 2012Mar23
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, snail, mixed, historical, wargame


Jasta! is a game recreating the aerial battles over the trenches of the First World War in the Summer of 1917. You play the role of the commanding officer of a flight of aircraft, either an Allied squadron or a German Jasta. You are given a mission, set off with your chums, and By Jingo before you know it become embroiled in a dogfight, get shot at by Ack-Ack fire from the ground wallahs, and get to strafe them back or blow up a balloon or two for good measure! Then you return to base, refuel, patch up the old airframes, and off we go again on another mission. Assuming you live that long, but the more you fly the better your chances. Who knows you could end up a famous ace like the Baron von Richtofen...

Here are the prices... Rules: £3 post free (or just £2 for the electronic pdf version!). Game turns cost £5 each with one turn played per two weeks.


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