Guardians of the Covernant: The new war

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Costs: Free
Frequency: once per day
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: gothic horror
Last-Update: 2012Feb28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, vampire, rpg


Guardians of the covenant - Introduction:

The story so far: Nearly 3 centuries ago a covenant was written, in order to promote peace and end the millennia of secret war between the three races. The race of man, of vampire and of lycan.

-None may take a life. -Vampires may only drink from humans who volunteer without coercion or glamor, otherwise blood must be obtained from non-human sources or blood banks. -Neither vampires nor lycans may turn a human without their permission. -Lycans who cannot control their actions at the full moon are responsible for ensuring they are secured before it arrives.

The penalty for violation was execution, and a global organisation was formed to enforce the covenant. They were the guardians of the covenant. A police force of all three races that tracked down violators and enforced the law. For 2 and a half centuries they made very slow progress.

Then came what would later be known as: The Last Night of Blood. October 24th, 2015. An extremely well planned global raid by every guardian in the world on the militia leaders of all three races. The slayers, the vampire overlords and the lycan packmasters. In one fell swoop the believers in perpetuating the senseless war were left leaderless.

In the aftermath - a truce was forged, which became a lasting peace. Vampires and Lycans made their existence known to humans, the governments of the world underwrote the covenant as a law for inter-species rights - enforced by their own policeforces on which vampires and lycans could now serve. While all three races still had wars among themselves, between the races - a truce became a lasting peace. The great dream achieved.

Now it is 47 years later, and you have just received a missive from Jethro Sullivan. A 400 year old vampire, the former commander of the New York branch of the guardians - and the mastermind behind the last night of blood.

A summoning to a meeting, in an old building the bronx. Midnight. Tonight. Will you heed his call ?

Game rules:

-When starting a side-thread with other players - place a [tag character name] section in the subject line to allert them that they are part of the conversation and should respond. -Do not write words for another player without dicussing with them what their character would say. -A player needs to be able to respond at least once per day to tagged conversations. -No player will be allowed to have more than 2 characters. -Selected CO-GMs may be selected to help resolve disputes and or run certain important NPCs. -Only GMs can write NPC characters. -For vampires there is no physical aging. -Lycans physically age at 1/4 the speed of humans -Injured vampires or lycans need at least 24 hours to fully recover from severe wounds -This game is only for players over 18 years of age as gratuitous violence and/or sex will not be censored, however please try to limit such writing to where it is appropriate for the storyline. -All character sheets need GM approval before they can be played.

And finally - the most important rule of all: -No vampires will be allowed to sparkle.


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