The Starfleet Tali Corps

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Costs: NONE
Frequency: As often as possible
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Type: Space Opera
Last-Update: 2012Feb14
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, economic, rpg, abstract, opensource


The Tali Corps are a fully functional mobile unit capable of being installed anywhere at any time to perform any mission that can be performed within their abilities.

Akin to a starship crew without a starship, the Tali Corps are a small, select group of Starfleet Intelligence-picked officers who are able to complete tough missions in less than ideal environments. The Tali Corps are made out of experts who are highly versatile and adaptable.

We are ready to change gears, terrains, vessels, weapons, and anything else at a moment's notice. Join our story and be a part of Starfleet's most mysterious, action-packed and downright bizarre crew yet.

This sim is rated 18+ for violence, maturity, sexual content, swearing, and etc. We don't have a lot of rules about what you can or can't write. Just be respectful OOC and have fun with it.


Series (1): Episode/mission (1): Watch over me

A group of Starfleet misfits are gathered round by Starfleet Intelligence to form the fabled Tali Corps, named after Talien Jhene, the leader of this semi-rogue sect appointed by Starfleet admiralty.

Starfleet Intelligence wants Jhene to form a team designed to withstand the worst for the coming war, but little did they realize what they'd get. Amidst the chaos, Jhene seems to have an agenda all his own.

In this episode the crew of the Tali Corps are meeting eachother for the first time as Captain Zane Keelan (GAME MOD AKA ME), the first of Jhene's choices, goes round to collect them up. They'll soon wonder what exactly they've gotten into now that they've accepted Jhene's proposition.

This is a play-by-Nova Star Trek simm, which means you will have to go through an application process in order to proceed. The rules and standards regarding this process are highlighted under "Rules" in the main Tali website.

Thank you for your time reading!


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