Horizon Fleet - USS Sentinel

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Email: clay.martin83@gmail.com
URL: http://stsentinel.kersare.net/trsm [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek, Cumulative Writing
Last-Update: 2012Jan23
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The USS Sentinel, a new breed of Starship for a new era of danger.

The year is 2388, its been over a decade since the end of the Dominion war and while no major conflict like it has arisen in that time the risk of one is ever present. The near destruction of Romulus has cast the balance of power among the Federation's neighbors into uncertainty and new threats lurk beyond the rim in unexplored regions. To help defend the Federation's borders against the next generation of threats new lines of Starships have been created to address them.

Created with the maneuverability of smaller ships and the versatility of its larger cousins, the Sentinel class has been deployed as the Federation's new premier border patrol ship. The first of its class, the USS Sentinel has proven itself a capable vessel over its initial five year mission and under the command of its third Captain prepares to embark on the most dangerous leg of its journey yet.

Join Commander Erik Tsereteli and the crew of the Sentinel as they patrol the far reaches of the Federation, defending it's borders against enemies, old and new.

OPEN POSITIONS: Chief Engineering Officer Chief Operations Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief Intelligence Officer Chief of the Boat and many more enlisted positions.

WHAT WE OFFER: -The chance to write with a group of mature players in a well established and organized fleet. -The option to play as many as 3 alternate PNPCs (usually junior officers and enlisted crewmembers). -A ship with a detailed history and setup, with each of its 95 crew positions to be filled with named characters. -A command staff that cares and will be active for the long haul.

If you are interested, please visit our site and have a look around!


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