The Blood Queen - Crimson Demise

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Frequency: brand new
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Vampire, Post-Apoctlyptic
Last-Update: 2012Jan14
Keywords: free, open-ended, closed-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, vampire, modern, wargame, rpg


Well basicly I made this roleplay group because facebook keeps deleting roleplayers and now you need a phone to make a group/name which sucks. So I found a amazing website, that allowed me to make a group. And here is my descripting of the type of roleplay and journey my group will take

Description : It was a sunny day on Friday jan 13 2012 in a small rural city of only 2000 people, when the cold chill of death ran deep into the depths of "shadow- falls" the stormy clouds rolled into this small place, if only they had known..if only.. maybe things would of been different.

Now the streets run red with the blood of the innocent. Nothing is left standing after the wraith of the fallen, begotten and alone, a women remains with a vengeful soul. To kill all those who cursed her so long ago. Sending plauge after plauge onto the race in which she hates the most.. humans.. nearing extention, and savagely beaten they fall to the power of the queen of evil incarnate. Lilith DesDemona rules these lands, from ocktem to shadowsfall.. she claims the souls of all who pass.

A demon in red, a vampire of the night she sends her servents her half-breeds of vampires lycians and zombies to dispose of the remains. Her war is with humans.. she will not stop until they are all finished and done.

But there stands a threat against this immortal demoness, and that is her one weakness, the sun. She cannot dwell within the puriety of light. Sending out the lyicans is all she can do.

There stands a small rebel alliance of humans lyicans and vampires who want to see this women killed. But such a task is nearly impossible. The task is fatal, are you willing to die so that others may live?,.. or fall to the will of the blood queen and join her rage and capture the world, and perphase become a high ranking offical in her court, or even her king? For ever women seeks a mate.. and she is in need of a air to rule in her stead. In this post aployptic world, the mission is yours, in this land of zombies what will you choose? Seek and destroy? Die of a zombie bite? Reach ther anks of the dead? Live under the radar or challange the queen and free the lands your name remembered in all of time as the savior of all mankind.


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