USS Imperator

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Costs: Free
Frequency: once per week
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2012Jan05
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Imperator a title originally equivalent to commander during the period of the Roman Republic. It then went to become a titulature for Roman Emperors. The most famous to have earned this title was Julius Caesar, Emperor of Rome.

The Sovereign class, placed into the refit program in 2379. Resulted in more phaser arrays, torpedo tubes and a replaced warp nacelle, resulting in marginally higher warp performance that had resulted from the development of the Excalibur class. These upgrades made the Sovereign a premier Multi-role Cruiser, ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Just as Roman Imperator's were required to watch over their empires, the USS-Imperator is tasked with watching over Task Group 21-C. But is also charged with helping to rebuild the Federation, to defend her in any way and to make sure anyone who threatens the peace regrets ever doing so...

Currently the Klingon's are taking advantage of the destruction of Romulus and have decided to make "slight" movements into Romulan space. However the movements aren't so "slight" and the Romulan refugee planet Zantedescha 4 is the newest planet the Klingon's have made claim to. However the Romulan's don't feel this is a legitimate claim and have asked the Federation to intercede. Since the Klingon's failed to send their diplomat the Imperator was ordered to leave Outpost 23 and head to Zantedescha 4. However instead of the blue planet described the crew find an emerald green atmosphere and sense foul play.

We have quite a few Department Head positions open including: Chief Flight Control Officer Chief Operations Officer Chief Engineering Officer Chief Science Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief Counselor Chief Diplomat & Squadron Leader Plus many other positions.

Come check us out and if you like what you see join us!

Commodore Dirk Alphonse CO USS-Imperator


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