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Costs: N/A
Email: vince.raposa@gmail.com
Frequency: Once every 14 days.
URL: http://nightingale.thetafleet.net [ dead link ]
Type: Medical Drama
Last-Update: 2011Dec25
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, gui, rpg, abstract


Website: http://www.nightingale.thetafleet.net/

Welcome to the greatest medical drama ever told in the 24th century! More akin to an ER or Grey's Anatomy meets Star Trek, the USS Nightingale focuses on the growth, development and interaction of those characters serving in its vast medical detachment. Essentially, we're passionate about our characters. At the moment, we're seeking writers who are interested in joining our simming community and becoming a part of and experiencing a vastly unique role-playing opportunity.

Character Positions: Because the USS Nightingale focuses its attention on the characters serving within the ships medical detachment, you'll only find open/available positions pertaining to the medical department. At the moment, there are a limited number of open/available positions listed; however, that's not to say that, if you should be interested, that a more defined/specialized position can't be made available. At the moment, the open/available positions are all very generic; however, perhaps you're interested in playing a character whose a Pediatic Surgeon or perhaps a Cardiac Care Nurse or maybe even the Emergency Departments Attending, if you're interested, merely select the Your Choice! position and indicate in the Medical Specialization field which specific/specialized position you'd like for your character to assume.

Medical Knowledge and Experience: Real world medical knowledge and/or experience is not required to join the role-playing game. Although this knowledge and/or experience is appreciated and can come in handy when writing your posts, remember that the simming community is geared more towards the development, growth and interaction of our respective characters within the setting provided. Each of us will learn and grow along with our characters and it will be with the help of each other, that we'll figure out all of the medical stuff along the way.

However a passion for writing intensely detailed and convoluted character stories (from private romances, to public spats, to medical traumas) is an absolute must! Lay every conceivable emotion on the table as we delve deep into and explore the very depths of our characters' existence and their varying interactions with one another!

The Nightingale's first mission will be starting shortly, so don't waste another minute in joining!

Website: http://www.nightingale.thetafleet.net/


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