Guardians of the Frontier

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Costs: None.
Frequency: Often, couple of times per week, based on players level of involvement.
Type: D&D, 1st and 2ndish
Last-Update: 2011Dec21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg



Here's the brass:

D&D, 1st and 2nd editions. -Everything is open to discussion. -No spell components -Clerics are not restricted by spell circles. -Races? the usual. Want something fancy? Better have a good background/explanation why. But keep in mind, people don't see 8 foot half drow/saurials everyday, they might not take kindly to strange strangers in their town. -this is roleplaying based in plausibility. you kill a guy in the bar for spilling your drink, best believe the watch and everyone around stamps you a murderer. of course, that depends on what bar and what town you're in. ;)

That being said, it is a world were magic exists so anything's possible, you just have to have good reasoning behind it.

The planet= Toril Waterdeep, thay, kara-tur, yup all the hits and more, everybody's at the party. Spelljammer? if you find one, sure. Dark sun? Use that spelljammer to get to athas? if you can make there in one piece, sure. Planescape- nope Ravenloft? Slip and fall into another plane? possible. Psionics? -on Athas? sure, everywhere else? that's a big 'iffy' with tendency toward no. But hey, talk me into it.

Interested? Email me and let's kickstart this monkey into high adventure. :)

Jeff @


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