USS Oberon (Horizon Fleet)

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Costs: Free
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Type: Star Trek PBEM/PBW
Last-Update: 2011Oct14
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The year is 2386 and the USS Oberon, a Luna-Class Starship, has embarked on its first 4 year mission within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Its mission is to provide aid to core Federation member planets and diplomatic support to the Romulan people as the Imperial Romulan State threatens to purge them into Civil War.

Peace was never so far away as it is in the Alpha Quadrant right now...a species known as the Yang Zutal are equipped with the most devastating weapons the Federation has ever encountered and threaten peace in this region of space. Starfleet faces a daunting task of carrying out humanitarian and scientific missions when faced with such a foe.

The USS Oberon is proud to be a member of Horizon Fleet's Task Force 42.

This simulation is more than a run-and-shoot-and-oooh-look-I-saved-the-galaxy-again. USS Oberon is about character development and dialogue that develops among the simmers. We are a mostly character driven simulation geared towards a different plethora of mission types. This is not to say however that USS Oberon has no action, but simply a wide variety of storylines for the able and willing writer.

You must be at least age 13 or older to participate in this simulation.


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