USS Endeavour

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Minimum once per fortnight (preferrably more)
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Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2011Oct13
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The Federation has been rocked by war more than one time in the past century. It has had conflict with the Romulans, the Klingons, the Borg, and ever so recently, the Dominion. Though the last such conflict was over a decade ago now, and the Federation policy makers hope to once again look outwards towards scientific explanation, their peacekeepers Starfleet are much more pragmatic. They understand that the interlude between conflicts is just that; an interlude. A temporary state of being before the next conflict, whenever that may be. And they know that we must be prepared for this. They also know that we must do everything in our power to deterr our closer and more predictable neighbours from beginning the next quadrant-spanning battle.

It is for that purpose that the Sovereign class exists. Designed to defend against the Borg - the most deadly threat to ever face the Federation, even with the focus of their gaze turned elsewhere, she comes equipped with a variety of top-of-the-line technologies designed with one thing in mind; battle. Even her very spaceframe is designed in such a way as to make a potential agressor think twice about whether they would want to attack this mighty beast. And yet, for some reason there's always somebody in the galaxy ignorant enough to do just that.

But then, Starfleet cannot operate on its own. It must bow down before the will of the policy makers on Earth and in the Federation Council. And so they have been incorporating all of the aspects of traditional Starfleet values into this mighty vessel; sophisticated sensor arrays and stellar cartography labs; the very finest in diplomatic facilities; the epitome of research equipment and the very best intellectual minds the quadrant has to offer. It is through this blending of design ethos that the Sovereign class has become an all-round Ship-of-the-Line, capable of performing almost any task that Starfleet needs of her. And the Endeavour is the very best of her class.

Captain Byrne and his crew have been assigned now to the Galactic South for two years, and in that time they've made the second ever known contact with the Metrons, been flung to a far-off galaxy and back, done battle with ship-infesting beasts of the bugular variety, and discovered an ancient secret whilst negotiating trade agreements. Not too bad for a man in specs, eh?

But this crew needs more to join its ranks. Join us, and you join one of the most prestigious crews in the South. We place high values on independent character building in the midst of mission-driven plot lines, on in-depth, detailed biographies, and in crewmembers who are so varied and unique that they can only add to the diversity of this vessel. We are in need of the following:

Chief of Security: The head of the ship's skilled security department, the chief must have an analytical mind, and be the man or woman (or somewhere in-between) who all go to when they need a crime solving. They must be the ultimate detective and investigator, and be able to track down the culprit of any crime. They must also be a skilled fighter; able to take on any of the battles that the Captain requires, and protect the lives of everyone onboard. This is a position of true seniority, key amongst the ship's senior staff.

Chief Engineer: The ultimate brain-box of technology is the chief engineer. They're the ones who have to work to keep everything on the ship working, and working properly. They're the officer who's going to stop the gravity from shutting off whilst the captain's in the shower, or the warp core from leaking all of its antimatter into the core room. It's their job to make sure everything goes right, and they need to know what they're doing. They must also be able to adapt to anything thrown at them, for they are the ones who we expect to come up with the solutions when presented with an unknown, hostile piece of technology.

Chief Medical Officer: The Chief Medical Officer is, as the name would suggest, the most senior physician on the ship. That's not all, though. They are the biological know-how guy or gal onboard; anything to do with odd organisms or the bio-neural systems, they're who we go to. The Galaxy is filled with all sorts of odd diseases, microbes and species, and they are the ones who can truly tell us how they work and how they can affect us. Ultimately, they're also the ones who need to fix us up as well.

Chief Science Officer: The epitome of the cool geek, the science officer needs to know everything that's anything in the universe, from black holes to dark matter nebulae to class A stars to the most unusual concoction of gases seen this side of the spiral arms. They hold dominion over the most varied department onboard the ship, with subordinates specialising in anthropology, archaeology, stellar cartography, physics, geology, and many more.

Chief Flight Control Officer: The top-notch pilot onboard is the one entrusted with the piloting of the immense starship, and in ensuring that everybody gets where they need to go safely. They pilot at speeds so fast, that I don't even want to find out what the equivalent is in miles per hour. When in battle, the helmsman is the true saviour of the ship; if it weren't for them, our shields wouldn't last half as long, and we'd soon be shredded like the sitting duck we would be.

Chief Operations Officer: The busy-body of the ship, the chief Ops officer has probably the largest array of multi-tasking skills required for any job anyone else has seen in history. They're the ones making sure that the ship doesn't go into overload because the power isn't getting to the warp plasma containment field because the impulse drive isn't drawing the right power because the lateral sensor array is being used by everyone onboard and the lights are all at full power because Ensign Hot-stuff is on the toilet.

Interested in any of these positions? Or perhaps one of the subordinate positions within one of our departments? Don't see something on the manifest that you'd like to play, or have an idea that you're not quite sure on how it would go down? Email the CO now at now, or head on over to our website;


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