Hunt for Gollum

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Often as possible-every couple of days
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Type: Fantasy, Book LOTR,
Last-Update: 2011Sep20
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


This scenario is set during the time-span of The Fellowship of the Ring. It takes place 17 years after Bilbo Baggins's 111th birthday party and just prior to Frodo Baggins leaving the Shire for Rivendell. The wizard Gandalf fears that Gollum may reveal information about the One Ring to the Dark Lord Sauron. He sends the Ranger Aragorn, heir of Isildur, on a quest to find him (watch the amazing free movie) and also approaches Elrond in Rivendell, asking him to send out scouting parties in all directions to search for the one-time ring bearer. The Player Characters will make up one of these scouting parties headed for Mirkwood.

This adventure is not designed for core characters. I will be using the 3.5 edition D&D structures for character details, but I will not be limiting myself to a strict interpretation of the rules. I am more interested in telling a story than rolling dice. If you would like to adventure in Middle Earth with me, please submit a character concept we can work through.

Remember that Middle Earth has magic, but very few of the characters can wield it. Even Gandalf only rarely casts a spell or calls on special powers. To simulate this in a gaming session, please do not submit a magic user class of character with the following exceptions: Bards, clerics, druids, paladins, rangers. NO WIZARDS OR SORCERERS!

Characters can be 3rd through 5th level. To qualify for a 4th level character you must provide a picture of your character. The picture must be at least 250 pixels by 400 pixels in size and it must show your character in basically the gear he/she wears when adventuring.

To qualify for a 5th level character you must provide the picture and a back story that explains why you have come to Rivendell at this time. The story must be at least 2000 characters long (the length of this description) and make sense.

I hope you will join me in the hunt for Gollum.


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