Star Trek 2259

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Type: Star Trek RPG
Last-Update: 2011Sep15
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With any position on the crew you have my word that I will make then fun and exciting, not a do nothing spot where you only exist to fill up space and maybe go on the occasional away team. As GM I will make it so you have plenty to do whenever you're up for it! In my experience too many games fall into groups of people who are tasked with stuff to do or grouped at the kid's table and just get blown off when it comes to being part of the action. That WON'T happen here, as long as you're open for an active role, I have one for you!

Looking for the Action Man, Sky Captain, Ast. Chief Science Officer, and Sally Exposition!

Of course, the action man can be an action gal, and Sally Exposition doesn't need to be a woman, or named Sally...

I run a Star Trek PBEM that takes place in the new timeline created by the most recent Star Trek movie. I presently have openings for characters that I'd like to fill with some talented writers.

The two main crew positions are Chief of Security (the action man/woman) and the position of the ship's first officer. While many of our writers have secondary characters in Security, we don't have a strong driving force to head up the Security Department itself. I am looking for a talented writer who is comfortable writing the part of a department head and is comfortable with both with a low and a high amount of direction depending on the situation and the mission itself.

Sky Captain! I am looking for an adventurous and daring officer to take the position at the helm. It seemed that the Chief helm position of the Enterprise d was cursed, save the girl who takes the spot in Insurrection ever other one has died (or had the spot for five minutes...or lived and became the engineer). But the Original Enterprise had Sulu, and he was badass! I want a Sulu, or an appropriate counter-part. Someone to really be part of the crew and make the Helm position a real position for a real character, not a do nothing spot for someone who is totally forgettable.

For the Assistant Chief of science I am looking for a motivated player who can work well with others. We have a good pool for science staff so cooperation is key. The writer for our chief science officer has a seasonal position at his job so there are times when he has a higher posting rate and times when he drops off, so in the position of assistant chief there will be times where you will be leading the department, when other times you'll take the second in command position of the department.

The role of `Sally Exposition' was just what I thought might sound clever for a character I would be interested in having around. The general concept I have is vague, so it would be up to the writer to create. The idea would be a character who can see the future, but not all the time. They won't understand it completely but it will be something they have had all their lives. How this would relate game-wise would be that occasionally to help in missions I would send along information about what will happen and the writer will incorporate it into their writing for the character. As for how the character deals with that, that would be entirely up to the writer. If it empowers them and they are happy for the awareness, or if it is a kind of torment to them. It is also open if the character is someone in Starfleet of a civilian. This role is something I felt would be `fun' more than anything and I am very open to interpretation if you're interested in this, so just shoot me an email and we can talk further about it, or any of the positions on the game.

Additional positions include: Chief Communications Officer/Linguistics Specialist Chief Navigational Officer Head Nurse Ast. Chief Medical Officer

Also openings for Engineers and Security Officers


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