USS Magellan

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Last-Update: 2011Sep12
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The USS-Magellan is looking for crew. Having just been cleared the Captain and Executive officer still have a few open positions.

Currently the magellan is in drydock ready to start her system and weapon drills and then will start her assignment on a geological survey.

The Magellan is an intrepid class ship which uses NOVA to play. The current openings are:

Chief Flight control officer Originally known as helm, or Flight Control Officer, CONN incorporates two job, Navigation and flight control. A Flight Control Officer must always be present on the bridge of a starship. S/he plots courses, supervises the computers piloting, corrects any flight deviations and pilots the ship manually when needed.

The Chief Operations Officer has the primary responsibility of ensuring that ship functions, such as the use of the lateral sensor array, do not interfere with one and another. S/he must prioritize resource allocations, so that the most critical activities can have every chance of success. If so required, s/he can curtail shipboard functions if s/he thinks they will interfere with the ship's current mission or routine operations.

The Chief Operations Officer oversees the Operations department, and is a member of the senior staff.

Chief engineer The Chief Engineer is responsible for the condition of all systems and equipment on board a Starfleet ship or facility. S/he oversees maintenance, repairs and upgrades of all equipment. S/he is also responsible for the many repair teams during crisis situations.

The Chief Engineer is not only the department head but also a senior officer, responsible for all the crew members in her/his department and maintenance of the duty rosters.

The Chief Strategic Operations Officer is responsible for coordinating all Starfleet and allied assets in within their designated area of space, as well as tactical analysis (in the absence of a dedicated tactical department) and intelligence gathering (in the absence of a dedicated intelligence department).

Chief Counsellor Because of their training in psychology, technically the ship's/facility's Counselor is considered part of Starfleet medical. The Counselor is responsible both for advising the Commanding Officer in dealing with other people and races, and in helping crew members with personal, psychological, and emotional problems.

The Chief Counselor is considered a member of the Senior Staff. S/he is responsible for the crew in his/her department. The Chief Counselor is the Counselor with the highest rank and most experience.

We also still have almost all assistant department heads positions open.Also a great way to start in starfleet is to try and go through the ranks and join up as an enlsited crewman and leanr your job on the ship. So if your interested in a new ship with a new crew then joinor if your have been around and want to work your way up then join!. Don't hesitate to sign up*.

Hope to hear from you,

Lieutenant James Finnigan Executive Officer USS-Magellan

* The Magellan is a part of pegasusfleet. It is possible that you have to attend the academy first.


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