Blood and Ashes: SF by Night

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Costs: Free to play
Frequency: Once a week or more (Varies based on real life)
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Old World of Darkness, V:tm, Demon, Hunter
Last-Update: 2011Sep03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, vampire


Blood and Ashes is a Old World of Darkness game that has been running since 1998. This PbEm game has been run by the same Storyteller since then. The game began as a standard Vampire the Masquerade game and has now changed greatly. It now includes both Hunters and Fallen along with Vampires and Humans as player characters.

The world as they knew is no longer there. The year is now 104 P.A. (Post Apocalypse). Vampires are almost non-existent as Gehenna has come and gone. For an unknown reason, vampires awaken from a Torpor unlike any they've ever experienced to find most of their memories little more than a haze. The word is torn asunder and nothing like they remember.

Fallen have been escaping the Pit in greater numbers now. They are returning to the Earthly plane finding a world crying out for the return of their kind. Rumors abound that they are the new "vampires" of the world, ruling from the shadows in some cases or if the rumors are really to be believed, Running the reforming United States from the Presidency.

In a world gone to where this one has, the call of duty for the Hunters are as great as they were in the past. Now however, where do they stand. Are you an agent of the government known as a member of the Brotherhood or are you a Celestian,a lone hunter who knows the truth... that the Angels of Heaven, the Host are the source of your power and are using you to fight for and protect mankind during the Second War of Heaven.

Blood and Ashes is a loosely based PbEm using V:tm, Hunter and Demon: the Fallen. If you are interested, please feelto contact me for more information.


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