Ravenloft: Virtue challenged

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The Mists of Ravenloft have claimed countless of souls from countless of worlds, taking them to a realm surrounded by fog and ruled by darkness and evil. Of the outsiders the Dark Powers have claimed in to the fold of the real, it is doubtful that any of them can truly claim to know why they have been brought there, why exactly they were chosen. The protagonists of this story are no exception in that aspect, although in many others they are very different from those usually claimed the mists. Even simply because there are not many like them to begin with.

Before taken by whatever powers control Ravenloft, the characters were the stuff of myths, legendary forces for good in their worlds. Warriors who were able to defy armies of corrupt kings by their might alone, mages to whom the wielding of mystical energies was akin to breathing, clerics who channeled almost pure divine power in protecting their flocks from the evils of the world. They were all also heroes who had entered the twilight of their years, with some being more content with their achievements than others. They had fought the good fight to a point beyond the reach of most, faced enemies thought undefeatable and lived a life of sacrifice which can not be explained by words alone.

Yet, now that they wake in the realms Ravenloft, they will find themselves changed. They will be young again, not barely twenty summers, all the scars and injuries from the long years gone, replaced by strange symbols etched to their skin. They will also find something missing, something they thought could never be taken from them. Almost all their skills, almost all their capabilities, all that they have learned the hard way, is gone. Warriors remember the sensation of cutting through hordes enemies, but their bodies refuse with the smoothness and strength required to do something like that. Mages remember calling meteors from the sky at a whim, yet can not fathom how they could do something like that. Rogues remember becoming almost one with the shadows, but find themselves now feeling as incapable of being unnoticed as newborn babes. Even their achievements feel like a fleeting dream, with most being just vague feelings of having done something. Yet they remember what was most important, they remember who they were and what they left behind. This a tale of how those heroes are able to come to terms with all they have lost, how they will be able to survive in a land unlike they have ever known and what they are willing to do gain the power they have lost.


As was hopefully clear from the introduction above, this is an ad for a Ravenloft campaign, with the D&D 3.5 edition rules being used. As the game will begin with the character awaking in Ravenloft without any knowledge of it, no such knowledge is required from the players either, although familiarity with 3.5 ruleset would be preferable. Content of the game will be mature in horror, in violence and in mature subjects. The main focus in the game will be the story and character development.

I am hoping for a group of 3-5 players. Although I have an idea for the overreaching campaign, player actions will have a huge impact on events and how the story develops. The campaign will be fairly long, but it also has an endgame of sorts, difficult to explain without starting to spoil things. I would hope the players to be relatively active, posting at least 3-4 times a week.

The player characters were truly epic (23+) level characters in their late years before taken by the mists, but are now 2nd level characters who are barely adults who can not accurately remember everything they have done. All basic races are acceptable, but the characters should be of good aligments, at least in the beginning. Most of the basic worlds are acceptable as worlds of origin for the character as well as reasonable self-created worlds. Experience will be mostly based on reactions and roleplaying instead of killing creatures or disarming traps. Further details on character creation are behind the link. I will also gladly answer any questions or inquiries about the game as well as help in developing character ideas for the game. If this game has raised your interest, I hope to hear from you.


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