United Kingdom 2012

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Email: UnitedKingdom2012@hotmail.com
Frequency: One per Weer
Type: Open, Freeform, Super Powers, Tri-Stat
Last-Update: 2011Aug24
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


They say that on December 21 2012 something will happen. Some say the world will end. Others claim that mankind will be elevated. Maybe nothing will happen.

United Kingdom 2012 is a Super Powers game (note I didn't say Super Hero) set in the United Kingdom in the Year 2012.

Super Powers of any sort are completely unknown. Until the characters wake up on the first of January 2012 and discover they can do things nobody else can do.

What they do with it is up to them - hero, vigilante or villain. Some may choose to set an example, to help out, to bring groups together. Others may decide to bring Justice even if the law does not allow it, and some may decide to abuse their powers for personal gain.

There is an underlying plot behind all this, but here, too, characters are free to choose which side they want to be on.

WARNING: This game may turn into an adult game - I don't like to limit my players, so pretty much anything goes with respect to NPCs.

Game System: Silver Age Sentinels, although you can also use Tri-Stat (which is free). I can convert it.

Characters will go through 3 stages: 100 points, 200 points and 300 points.

All characters will start the game with 100 points, having just woken up. They will grow in power during the game, becoming almost gods.

Players: Players will be good writers who are willing and happy to write more than just two paragraphs. Skill, style, spelling and grammar are required.


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