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Costs: free
Frequency: twice per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Dungeon & Dragons
Last-Update: 2011Jul27
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


Welcome to the world of Barsaive. These are dark times. World was struck by Scourge. Astral beings, also known as Horrors, came to our dimension and destroyed everything that came under their hands. Those, who Horrors didn't kill, were marked and let run throughout the world to continue to spread evil. Beings of this world have united and built a protective Kaers - underground fortresses, which, were hoped to protect them. But they were not as effective as thought. The Scourge took a hundred of years, until it finally stopped. Nobody knows why, but the majority don't care. Now most Kaers are open and there is a brisk trade among them. Dwarven Kingdom took over the world of Barsaive. However, the surface is still not safe. Horrors and the beasts still affected by them cruise the meadows, forests and mountains of Barsaive. In addition, empire Thera, northeast of Barsaive, decided to conquer Barsaive. Because of that, Theran units are beginning to penetrate the country. There are only a few safe places. These include Capital Bartertown, built around the entrance of Throal Kingdom of dwarfs, Kratas, Iopos, Jerris and Travar. However, safety does not bring wealth or fame. Abandoned and destroyed Kaers are full of treasures, as well as hastily abandoned cities on the surface. And these treasures only await brave heroes like yourselves to come and take them. Will you dare?

First choose a race:

Dwarf Elf Human Ork Obsidiman Troll T'skrang Windling

Then choose a class:

Archer - Classic archer. Important Attributes Dexterity and Perception. Racial Restrictions: Obsidiman

Beastmaster - The one, who controls the beasts of the world. Important Attributes Charisma and Toughness. Racial Restrictions: Obsidiman, T'Skrang

Elementalist - Master of four elements. Important Attributes Willpower and Perception. Racial Restrictions: None

Illusionist - Master of illusions. Important Attributes Willpower and Perception. Racial Restrictions: None

Nethermancer - Nethermancers communicate with other planes and use spirits for help and battle. Important Attributes Willpower and Perception. Racial Restrictions: Windling

Swordmaster - Masters in melee fight. Important Attributes Dexterity and Charisma. Racial Restrictions: Obsidiman

Thief - Thieves use magic for improving their sneaking a stealing abilities. Important Attributes Dexterity and Perception. Racial Restrictions: Obsidiman and Troll

Then register at the site and post your character creation at the Earthdawn setup page! That easy! We hope to see you soon. :)


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