NGL Opportunity

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Every two days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Civilian Star Trek
Last-Update: 2011Jul23
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, gui, rpg


NGL Opportunity - Play by post gaming for civilians in the Star Trek Universe. Requirement: 1+ post/week Positions: All crew positions open!

We are an independent roleplaying game set in the Star Trek universe, created for civilian play. The style of our game is play-by-post and we welcome many multifaceted and unique characters to join us in our adventures, many of them diverse.

The Game Year is: 2380 Five years following the Dominion War, a turbulent time in the galaxy, many lives and futures are being rebuilt by the resolute men and women (and other assorted gentlebeings) who call this galaxy their home. The governments and their military are rebuilding, yet space is still a very much a wild and unquiet place for those of us who don't make our living aboard posh space-recliners with nacelles on.

The Opportunity is no space-recliner. She is a beaten, yet tried and true freighter built near the early 24th century. The Opportunity has had her share of adventures already and has always come out on top - so far. She may not be a floating palace but she is the only home to many, and though she may not always run smooth she will always get you to where you're going - even if she needs a patch job on the way. But don't worry about that. It hardly ever happens! Mostly.



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