Ilkor: Dark Rising

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Weekly
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2011Jul04
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, fantasy, gui, rpg


A Text RPG Browser Game with a difference!

Ilkor can be best described as a cross between a classic RPG and board game.

It is Turn-based, running on a weekly cycle. Players are required to be online only 3 times a week for 10 minutes.

Advancement in the game cannot be bought nor is success gained by repeating brain-numbing actions throughout the day.

Play for FREE. Never pay...EVER

It will always be free to play Ilkor. There are no hidden costs, adverts, spamming or reselling your personal information of any kind.


Ilkor: Dark Rising is set in Arcadia, a world of dragons, magic and high adventure. It is a vast untamed world divided into 5 major regions.

Rumour has it, Ilkor, the Goddess of Darkness is regaining her power and planning to resurface, after being banished from Arcadia for many an age.

On Caledon, the blue region, brave adventurers are being summoned by Icesi, the father of the heavens to stand up for what they believe in, now is the time to make your mark and help shape the future of Arcadia.

This is YOUR chance to join the ranks of the mighty heroes of old. Have you got what it takes? Do you take the path of good or evil? What is your fate?

Old School Rules...RULE OK?

Game mechanics have been drawn from old school table-top RPGs such as D&D (red box), Merp and T&T.

All are classic games in their own right, a time of simpler rules where the focus was on having fun. Ilkor's game engine has been heavily influenced by the d20 System, especially Microlite 20.

Beautifully Hand Drawn Maps

Tolkien style maps, hand drawn by the amazing Jon Roberts depicting the immense detail of this fantastic game setting.

Character Races & Classes

There are just 4 races & 4 'bases' classes to choose from, providing only the truly 'classic' character combinations of old.

Players can choose between Human, Dwarf, Elf or Halfling races.

Fighter, Wizard, Priest and Rogue are the 'base' classes.

Each 'base' class branch out into 3 unique specialist classes upon your adventurer reaching level 5.

Each race has a 'Prime Class'. This is the class that is typically the best match for that race.

Character Class Levels

There are 15 known Levels. Advancement is slow, expect to take 5 years to reach 15th Level.

Experience Points (XP) are earned each turn based on the success of actions performed.

'Level Up' is a process that happens upon reaching the next level. Adventurers are given various points and bonuses to distribute amongst stats and skills.

Each new level opens up more exciting game play.

Fame & Experience Points

These are the two main measurements of success.

Experience Points (XP) are earned based on the success of actions performed.

Fame Points are awarded based on deeds considered worthy of an entry into history (news, story, legend or myth).

XP is an indication of an adventurer's skill, strength and power while Fame is relates to respect & popularity (famous or infamous).

Beta Playtest

Ilkor is still being designed and developed. In the meantime we are looking for worthy, wannabe adventurers to signup NOW.

We are limiting the playtest positions, so hurry up, get your friends involved and together you can become an active member of the Ilkor community.

In the coming months you will be kept abreast with the latest developments.

You will be invited to take part in 'Knowledge Quests', preparing you for the exciting but dangerous world of Arcadia.

We will also be requesting help from you with our Alpha Testing that should commence sometime in the New Year.

For more information on Ilkor: Dark Rising check out our website:


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