USS Jakarta - NCC 72891

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Costs: free
Frequency: one per week
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Type: Star Trek sim
Last-Update: 2011May21
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The USS Jakarta is a new Akira-class starship, still under construction at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards over Mars; it's already attached to Task Force 47-B, "The Minutemen", a part of Obsidian Fleet.

The Jakarta has been modified to suit the specialized requirements of her ongoing mission: To patrol the Romulan border, to provide aid and support to any ships which require escort or protection.

With the recent destruction of Romulus, the Klingon Empire has been taking advantage of the situation and raiding supply lines through the entire Romulan Star Empire.

The USS Jakarta is a cramped battleship, a ship which has had a lot of luxuries removed to make way for more of the necessities of war. The crew sought are to be tough and creative, able to handle whatever might come this tough little ship's way.

The Jakarta is a definite challenge for any player, new or seasoned; do *you* have what it takes to become part of one of the best crews in the Fleet?



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